One Offering is Exchange's annual opportunity to help support local and international ministry. From April 23-May 28, we collect one offering which we then divide to support ministries that we have committed to support in prayer and finance. We are committed to supporting God's ongoing mission both "here and there". We partner with ministries right here in the Raleigh area and also with missionaries overseas. 


Human Coalition Raleigh

Exchange is committed to standing up for those persons who can't stand up for themselves. We support Human Coalition in three ways: 1. We send our people to serve at the ministry 2. We participate in raising funds through 4000 Steps 3. We pray for and communicate regularly about adoption. You can learn more at Human Coalition

North American Church Planting

Exchange supports North American Church Planting by giving to the North American Mission Board. Our commitment to give to the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program in turn helps supports church planting. Part of our One Offering goes toward what traditionally is the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. This year we are highlighting East Bridge Church, a new church plant in Portland, Oregon. These are friends of the Kohouts. This will give you a taste of what type of work NAMB supports. 

International Ministry in Europe

Exchange sent out our dear friends Justin and Rachel Hendricks last year to go serve in Paris, France at Emmanuel International Church. We will be partnering with them in some fun and practical ways this year. 

Exchange also partners with our friends David and April McWhite who are serving in the Czech Republic with Gospel for Czech. A portion of this One Offering will go to support them. You can learn more at MCWHITES.

International Missions

Another portion of our One Offering goes toward what is traditionally called the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering which supports missionaries serving through the International Mission Board. Every dollar of Lottie Moon goes to keep those missionaries on the field. Many of us know various missionaries through the IMB. One family we keep track of are William and Heidi Haun (long time friends of the Martins) who are serving in Ghana. We will also be highlighting other workers in East Asia.  


You can either give on a Sunday Morning between April 23-May 28 or you can give online through The City. CLICK HERE and select the fund called Current Event. Please type "One Offering" in the memo line.